Our Winning Workforce

Our healthy faith in youth and experience, coupled with unparalleled personal development training, have enabled J S Wright to offer the services of the best workforce in the industry.
With apprenticeships never valued so highly, customers can rely on young engineers that not  only have all the right qualifications but have been nurtured in the exceptional standards of the company.

As members of the JSW Academy our young people pursue team working, leadership and communication skills through outward-bound style adventure training as well as take part in problem-solving workshops.

Apprenticeships remain the proven route to success for J S Wright’s designers and engineers with up to half of the executive board’s directors beginning their careers in this way.

All staff benefit from personal development training courses run through the world-leading Dale  Carnegie organisation, while more than 80 hold the Engineering Services SKILLcard to enable them to work on site in mechanical services.

The company also has Low Cost Carbon consultants, expert in advising on all the sustainable aspects of a building project.

We are also committed to the highest standards of health and safety. Little wonder that our employees have enjoyed an average of ten years’ service with us, with many serving for more than 25 years and some completing 40 years or more.

J S Wright Winning Workforce